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Almost 2013.

Exhibition investigates the borderline state, the fragility of the succeeding and not succeeding. The interesting "almost" includes the imagination and idea of the perfection. It has both positive and negative connotations - it is something that has not reached its culmination. There is both hope and the foreboding of danger. 

"Reach" -  Installed is a situation where the participants, recorder and recordable (camera and lit electric bulb) depend on each other, are perfect in their functions - but the small deviation could bring them into destroying each other.
"Scream": the signal that will not reach to the receiver in the hoped format. Sound waves - a scream that is recorded from the movie "The Vanishing", are slowed into 20 MHz and will be disappearing into the metal cloud as a vibration.

Idea about the collapse of a construction is translated into the room structures in the installation "Almost" A copy of a support structure of the lower gallery of Hobusepea is on it´s way to fall down, still it is standing, supported by a thin beam.